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What Is A Valentine ?


…….February 14, 2015


For a few days now I have been thinking about February 14th. I did a little research on this day which can be described in one word….boring.

  • In the big picture of life is it an important day to celebrate?
  • It certainly isn’t a national holiday.
  • There are two definitions for A Valentine.
  • One: the object of love expressed.
  • Two: the means by which that love is expressed.

In the routine of our lives we very quickly take others for granted.

  • Our parents, mates, children, siblings, friends and other associates.
  • Generally we are occupied with anything that has to do with ourselves.
  • Believe me, I fight this battle too.
  • It is the ingrained nature of all humans.

Something else many of us face is: hurry, hurry, hurry…busy, busy, busy…no time, no time, no time.

  • But, really the message we are communicating is: me, me, me.
  • Again, it is so easy to say: “life is all about me.”
  • Today, celebrates putting yourself aside, and expressing to someone “life is all about you and you bring something special to mine.”

Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude for what we have.

  • Valentine’s Day celebrates the people in our lives (definition one).
  • As Ma Bell used to say “reach out and touch someone.”
  • Whether you do something big or small, everyone likes to be appreciated.
  • And, to know that they bring value to your life.

Each of us as children probably made homemade cards and gifts for our family and friends (definition two).

  • Many of us have memories of dime store cards and small heart candies with messages on them.
  • Now, commercialism has taken over from more simple times.

The adds we see today are designed to lure us into expressing our love by increasing their bottom line.

  • This is not to say that spending big bucks is wrong.
  • Which it isn’t, but to express the opinion that it isn’t necessary.
  • One of my most favorite Valentine gifts was a book “Mrs. Ike” written by her granddaughter Susan Eisenhower.
  • It’s an important treasure to me. I have reread it several times.

Make a phone call. 

Send a card. 

Write a note. 

Go to dinner. 

Buy that special gift. 

Say thank you. 

Use your imagination for the list is endless. One requirement though: your attitude must not be “I have to” but “because I want to.”

Why do we do this only on February the fourteenth?

  • What’s wrong April, July, September or any other month?
  • Some places in the USA, particularly the north east area, celebrate Sweetest Day on October the eighteenth.
  • It’s basically Valentine’s Day in October.




A man is not where he lives, but where he loves.

(Latin Proverb)

Life's Journey, Poems/Songs

The Rose


…….February 7, 2015


 Some say love, it is a river

That drowns the tender reed.

Some say love, it is a razor

That leaves your soul to bleed.

Some say love, it is a hunger,

An endless aching need.

I say love, it is a flower,

And YOU its only seed.


It’s the heart afraid of breaking

That never learns to dance.

It’s the dream afraid of waking

That never takes the chance.

It’s the one who won’t be taken,

Who cannot seem to give,

And the soul afraid of dyin’

That never learns to live.


When the night has been too lonely

And the road has been too long,

And you think that love is only

For the lucky and the strong,

Just remember in the winter

Far beneath the bitter snows

Lies the seed that with the sun’s love



Above all the months of the year, February is the month of love.

  • Because of February’s theme some people choose to get engaged or married during this month.
  • Many times the fourteenth becomes their special date.
  • February celebrates our personal valentines with cards and gifts.
  • This time of year has romance, hearts, flowers (especially Roses), candy and lovely songs that speak to us of love.

I would venture to guess that Roses are the number one favorite flower of a large percentage of people in this world.

  • Their beauty, variety and form is unsurpassed.
  • One of the most expensive perfumes in the world “Joy” comes from lavender roses.

Roses are not easy to raise. It takes attention and care to establish a young Rose bush. 

  • You can’t just plop them in the ground anywhere.
  • They need a specific spot, the correct soil, the right amount of light and water.
  • The most surprising thing to me was how deep and big of a hole has to be dug before you can plant a new Rose bush.
  • As the roots become established it is then time to be alert to pests.
  • They like to hide on the underside of the leaves to do their damage.
  • If ignored, the plant can easily die; especially a young one.

The best time to cut Roses is when the bud is fully developed, but not quite yet in full bloom.

  • That’s when all the preparation pays off and for a few days we enjoy the form, color and sweet scent of a Rose.
  • If you choose not to cut the blooms for your pleasure then you must remove the dead blooms.
  • A Rose will produce more if new or old blooms are continually removed.

Finally, when their growing and blooming season is over they need to be pruned. 

  • This can be difficult to do but is a necessary process to ensure a healthy future.
  • You must trim back the older branches; sometimes quite severely.
  • This encourages a stronger plant and even more blooming during it’s next cycle of life.
  • Although it’s beauty is now hidden the Rose will bloom again.

The song “The Rose” is a thoughtful song, not necessarily about romantic love.

  • The message of this song is about life and how we decide to live it.
  • It’s about choices and living our lives from the inside out.
  • It’s about taking a chance and putting yourself out there.
  • It’s about our dreams and disappointments.
  • It’s about being broken, but getting back up and starting again.
  • It’s message is about life, death and rebirth.

As you have read the past few words, I trust you will think about what has been said. Note the parallels of “The Rose” that apply to your life and faith. We can all take comfort in knowing that after winter has spent itself…….“The Rose” will bloom again.

“Remember, anyone can love a rose,

but it takes a great heart to include the thorns.”



**Composed: by Amanda McBroom, 1977 – – Sung by Bette Midler