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Fathers’ Day

“My Father didn’t tell me how to live;

He lived and let me watch him do it.”

–Clarence B. Kelland

Today we celebrate all of our Fathers.

  • They have many names: Dad, Daddy, Papa, Poppy, Grandad…..our own children called my Dad: Dado.
  • They are a most important and necessary person in our lives.
  • They were designed to be roll models, leaders, protectors, providers, the strength of our homes.
  • I learned many things from my own Father who I called Daddy until the end of his days.
  • I married into a family and gained one of the greatest men I have ever known as a “Father.”
  • My own husband has filled that vital role for our children.
  • As adults, they still express their love and appreciation to him.

As we pause today to remember the Fathers in our lives, keep in mind that many of them have given their all for country and family.

  • Remember the children they left behind; the void in their lives.
  • Many men have stepped up to shoulder responsibility for these children.
  • They are men of a special make-up and are true Fathers in every sense.

Years ago there lived an unusual Father and poet, Edgar A. Guest.

  • Personally, I have enjoyed many of his verses.
  • He looked at the common experience of life with humor and great insight.
  • The poem following these words is by no means disparaging to Father’s.
  • It is the words of a man who in addition to being a writer was a Father himself.

To Fathers everywhere: enjoy your day, relax, smile and laugh a lot. You deserve it.


The times have proved my judgement bad.

I’ve followed foolish hope in vain,

And as you look upon your dad

You see him commonplace and plain.

No brilliant wisdom I enjoy;

The jests I tell have grown to bore you,

But just remember this, my boy:

‘Twas I who chose your mother for you!

Against the blunders I have made

And all the things I’ve failed to do,

The weaknesses which I’ve displayed,

This fact remains forever true;

This to my credit still must stay

And don’t forget it, I implore you;

Whatever else you think or say:

‘Twas I who chose your mother for you!

Chuckle at times behind my back

About the ties and hats I wear.

Sound judgment I am known to lack.

Smile at the ancient views I air.

Say if you will I’m often wrong,

But with my faults strewn out before you,

Remember this your whole life long:

‘Twas I who chose your mother for you!

Your life from babyhood to now

Has known the sweetness of her care;

Her tender hand has soothed your brow;

Her love gone with you everywhere.

Through every day and every night

You’ve had an angel to adore you,

So bear in mind I once was right:

‘Twas I who chose your mother for you!

(From Collected Verse of:  Edgar A. Guest)


A Mother’s Creed


I Believe in the eternal importance of the home

as the fundamental institution of society.

I Believe in the immeasurable possibilities

of every boy and girl

I Believe in the imagination, the trust, the hopes

and the ideals which dwell in the hearts of all children.

I Believe in the beauty of nature, of art, of books, and of friendship

I Believe in the satisfactions of duty.

I Believe in the little homely joys of everyday life.

I Believe in the goodness of the great design

which lives behind our complex world.

I Believe in the safety and peace which surround us all

through the over-brooding love of God.

Ozora Davis

(From the Book: A Little Girl is Something to Love)


A Memorable Mom

Mothers come in all shapes, sizes, and speak different languages. 

  • The one language they all have in common is the love they have for their children.
  • Even the animal kingdom displays the devotion, care and tenderness that a Mom gives to her offspring.

I once read an account of forest fire fighters:

  • They were going through the burned out trees putting out embers.
  • The fire men came across the body of a dove.
  • She had placed her babies between the roots of a tree, and spread her wings across them for protection.
  • Mothers sacrifice themselves for their children.

I believe there is no higher calling than that of a Mother.

  • Her body protects and nourishes a new life for nine months.
  • At the birth of that baby there is love unbounded, and joy to those who surround this special newborn.
  • But, that is just the beginning.
  • There is much more to the journey of a Mother.
  • Many long days and nights, laughter and tears, teaching, learning experiences, hopes, dreams and sometimes disappointments lie ahead.
  • She is responsible to care for and guide this child all the days of her life.
  • It’s all a part of being a Mom.

Finally there comes a time, after much preparation of letting go.

  • Even then her job isn’t finished.
  • She will be a Mom until she takes her last breath.
  • Only her job description has changed; from a staring role to that of a supporting actress.
  • Mothers need to continue to be a teacher, an example, an encourager, a confidant, a prayer warrior and a friend to those who follow behind her.

These words come from my heart and are dedicated to one very special Mother that I know quite well. 

  • She quickly wormed herself into my heart when she was only three weeks old.
  • This baby was a gift sent to our lives when it was desperately needed.
  • She was adorable, precious and full of life.
  • As she grew, her parents will tell you, she presented herself to be quite a challenge.
  • She came from a line of strong-willed women and definitely made her mark on the world.
  • At a specific time of her life she decided that she knew it all, would do whatever she wanted……and would even say she wasn’t going to have children.
  • As we all do; she wanted her life to be HER LIFE!

That was yesterday. Today…..years later, the story is much different.

  • What happened?
  • A much loved blond hair, blue eyed little boy came into her life and she was changed.
  • She became a Mother.
  • On her personal journey she has become as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.
  • She has become A MEMORABLE MOM. 

In August 2013 a very perky and fun little girl was added to this young family.

  • One of the greatest joys and memories of my personal journey was to be present for the actual birth of……this new life.
  • I watched her enter the world and heard her first cry.
  • It was a day that will never be forgotten and will be treasured always.

This little girl who became a Mother continues to amaze me. 

  • Her creativity, patience, attitude, and fun loving spirit is a blessing to watch.
  • She reads to her children, teaches them, draws with them, lets the kids paint, cook, and make messes.
  • She knows this time is important, will pass quickly, and doesn’t waste her and their days on being a perfectionist house keeper.
  • She even plans adventurous date days with her almost five year old little boy.
  • How much fun is that?
  • As her children, grow up and spread their wings, they will most certainly have many special memories and much to laugh about.

The most important quality about this little girl is that she has grown as a person.

  • Her love for God has matured and is being passed on to her two little ones.
  • Bebe…you are a treasure and a gift.
  • I love you dearly. I’m proud of who you are and what you have become.
  • You are: A MEMORABLE MOM.

“My parents elected me president of the family when I was 4. 

We actually had an election every year and I always won. 

I’m an only child, and I could count on my mother’s vote.” 

(Condeleezza Rice)

Life's Journey, Seasonal

What Is A Valentine ?


…….February 14, 2015


For a few days now I have been thinking about February 14th. I did a little research on this day which can be described in one word….boring.

  • In the big picture of life is it an important day to celebrate?
  • It certainly isn’t a national holiday.
  • There are two definitions for A Valentine.
  • One: the object of love expressed.
  • Two: the means by which that love is expressed.

In the routine of our lives we very quickly take others for granted.

  • Our parents, mates, children, siblings, friends and other associates.
  • Generally we are occupied with anything that has to do with ourselves.
  • Believe me, I fight this battle too.
  • It is the ingrained nature of all humans.

Something else many of us face is: hurry, hurry, hurry…busy, busy, busy…no time, no time, no time.

  • But, really the message we are communicating is: me, me, me.
  • Again, it is so easy to say: “life is all about me.”
  • Today, celebrates putting yourself aside, and expressing to someone “life is all about you and you bring something special to mine.”

Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude for what we have.

  • Valentine’s Day celebrates the people in our lives (definition one).
  • As Ma Bell used to say “reach out and touch someone.”
  • Whether you do something big or small, everyone likes to be appreciated.
  • And, to know that they bring value to your life.

Each of us as children probably made homemade cards and gifts for our family and friends (definition two).

  • Many of us have memories of dime store cards and small heart candies with messages on them.
  • Now, commercialism has taken over from more simple times.

The adds we see today are designed to lure us into expressing our love by increasing their bottom line.

  • This is not to say that spending big bucks is wrong.
  • Which it isn’t, but to express the opinion that it isn’t necessary.
  • One of my most favorite Valentine gifts was a book “Mrs. Ike” written by her granddaughter Susan Eisenhower.
  • It’s an important treasure to me. I have reread it several times.

Make a phone call. 

Send a card. 

Write a note. 

Go to dinner. 

Buy that special gift. 

Say thank you. 

Use your imagination for the list is endless. One requirement though: your attitude must not be “I have to” but “because I want to.”

Why do we do this only on February the fourteenth?

  • What’s wrong April, July, September or any other month?
  • Some places in the USA, particularly the north east area, celebrate Sweetest Day on October the eighteenth.
  • It’s basically Valentine’s Day in October.




A man is not where he lives, but where he loves.

(Latin Proverb)

Life's Journey, Seasonal



……December 6, 2014

Truly this is a most joyous time of the year.

  • Plans are being made, secrets being kept and wonderful smells of cookies, candies, and all sorts of delicious goodies (diet of course) coming from the kitchens in our homes.

Each of us remembers the eager anticipation we felt as children.

  • I hope you still have the same sense of excitement and of wonder.
  • As much as I loved Christmas as a child, it became even more enjoyable as I looked upon this season through the eyes of a mother who made special plans for her own children.
  • This year we look forward to being together with our now grown family and celebrating this blessed time of year with the traditions we have all grown to love.

What a joy!  What a wonderful time of the year!

Before we get too caught up in business, let all of us take time to stop and think.

  • In your mind go back to that little town and to the hills where the shepherds stood watch over their flocks.
  • There has never been a night like that again in over two thousand years.
  • In your imagination put yourself there with all the principle players in the greatest drama to ever unfold.

And….as you do, keep in mind that it was all planned for you.

  • We see Joseph and the concern he has on his face as he goes from door to door looking for warm, clean shelter for his wife to bear the most special child ever to be born. 
  • And what of Mary?  From the very beginning she gave herself humbly to the will of her God.  But remember, she was only a very young girl.  What did she feel?  Was she afraid of the unknown?  Did she wonder about the important task ahead of her; being the mother of the Son of God?

Outside the city we encounter two very different groups of people.

  • First –  there were the shepherds faithfully caring for their sheep who were settled down for the night.  These men were among the poorest of the poor.
  • Second –  if we look hard enough, we can see a far away group of travelers.  These men came from a life never experienced by the shepherds. This small group were wise men who possessed great knowledge and wealth. Some say they were kings.

But rich or poor, they all had the same need.

  • The same need you and I have, a Savior. Their need, our need is about to be met.

Suddenly, the scene is totally changed.

  • Both in Bethlehem and out on the silent hills.
  • Music is everywhere, angels are singing; joy reigns on this dark night and a star shines brightly.
  • The shepherds, kings, animals and angels all join together; to celebrate a journey started long ago when mankind itself was born.
  • Fear and sadness gone. Hope, promise, restoration, eternity has come together this night; born in the form of a baby in a simple manger.



“…And the angel said unto them,

Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy,

which shall be to all people. 

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”     

(Luke 2:8-9 kjv)

Encouragement, Life's Journey


……September 18, 2014

In a recent deep discussion about people, life, goals and his future; our 18 year old grandson made a statement far beyond his years.

His comment was: “people hear what you say, but they don’t listen.”  

  • Boy! out of the mouth of this young man a truth that probably plagues most of us was uttered. He really shocked me at the insight of his comment.
  • Like his Nana he’s a thinker and an observer.

Along with that I read this on a poster: “The biggest communication problem is we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.” 

Well, if that doesn’t step on our toes I don’t know what will.

These things are true in the relationship areas of our lives; especially in dealing with family issues.

  • We are more interested in getting our point across than in solving a problem. It is especially true between spouses; between parents and children.
  • Too many defense mechanisms come into play because either we don’t want to admit that we need to take a look at our attitude or we just plain don’t want to accept the truth about ourselves.
  • We’re always giving ourselves a pat on the back for who we are and we don’t like it when the picture we have of ourselves is being marred.

When our daughters were young they went to their Daddy for just about everything. At that stage of their lives Mom was kind of the enemy and they could get further if they talked to Dad.

As they became adults, they discovered Mom wasn’t so bad after all and they began to come to me with their life issues.

My husband didn’t understand the change and it bothered him. One day he asked me why they stopped talking to him and began talking to me more?

  • My reply to him was: he was telling them how to fix it and that wasn’t what they needed to hear. They just wanted him to listen to them.

Many times I have said to the man in my life: you didn’t hear what I said, your’e not listening to me. It gets frustrating sometimes.

I’m going to get personal and truthful here: for the most part, men aren’t good listeners.  They react instead of act. Many women because of their insecurities don’t do much better.

Have we been there in our marriage? You better believe it. If I’m going to address the truth in your life, I must first admit to the truths of my life.

If more of us listened, maybe the issues of our lives and the world would be less complicated.

Marriage along with being a successful parent, a good friend, a dependable employee, a Christlike Christian is hard work.

  • To be profitable in these relationships, we must be committed listeners and not just hearers.  
  • We all feel we have important things to say, especially when we are speaking about what really makes us tick, but stop here and listen to someone else.  

You never know, they may be expressing to you a cry of their heart and it needs to be heard.

“It’s not what we do, but who we are.”

Charles Stanley