I am a Texas lady, live in the middle of nowhere, and have a wide variety of interests: music, reading, sports, collecting recipes, creative writing, nature photography and walking. My favorite pass-time is to be with family and dear friends.

I enjoy all types of games: cards, sudoku, crosswords, board games and, etc. I am currently part of a Mah-jongg group. But, probably, the challenge I enjoy most is large jigsaw puzzles.

As you will soon discover, I am an observer, thinker and have lots to say about people, life experiences, nature and just about anything else that crosses my mind. There are lessons for all of us in these areas. I’m always ready to learn and apply any new insights to my life.

Driving on the highway across this great country is one of my great pleasures. It is a blessing to watch the scenery change as the hours pass by. Would love to be able to do more of this.

The immense mountains and the seas bring me much pleasure. They are ever changing and speak to my soul. It is interesting to watch nature and observe the lessons it teaches our lives.

My passion is to be a mentor, an encourager, to those who follow behind me. I believe in being positive, truthful, and always going forward with life. The words of this blog are my heart and soul. It is written for those who have a need. It is my hope that possibly some of these words will be of benefit to you.


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