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Monday, Monday **


There is a saying I have shared many times with our children and acquaintances: “You never know what a day will bring forth.”

  • The unexpected happens.
  • Sometimes an event that never even entered your thoughts suddenly faces you.
  • That happened to us in our home on Monday morning of this week.

Around our house the past couple of weeks, Mondays have been very much out of the norm.

  • Last week I wrote about an early Monday morning storm that shook our home.
  • Little did we realize that a small tornado had cut a path through the area near where we live.
  • A couple of roofs were torn off, trees were toppled and a home down our street had a patio torn off.

These events happened to the individuals who were effected, but thankfully no one was hurt and property damage was minimal.

  • For some of our neighbors this storm created havoc which they were not expecting.
  • Last Monday had a very realistic start and many plans people made for the day in our community were quickly changed.
  • That’s the way life goes.
  • We think we’ve got it all figured out, make decisions about our day, our week, our future only to find that we need to change direction.

This past Monday in our home will ALWAYS be remembered as: THAT MONDAY!

  • It started as a simple, regular, get the week started morning.
  • My other half was eating breakfast and on (as usual) his iPad.
  • I had just finished running the washer and put the laundry into the dryer.
  • To my dismay the dryer would only make a clicking sound, but would not start.
  • Like Charlie Brown my thoughts said: “good grief, what do I do now?”

You need to understand we live in the middle of nowhere.

  • It’s a little complicated to get a repair man who is willing to come this far.
  • The last time we had an appliance break down it took two weeks to get parts ordered and repairs made.
  • Plus, there is an extra surcharge to cover the additional miles traveled.
  • I had visions of wearing certain items of clothing over and over.
  • And of trips into town to use a broken down Laundromat for no telling how long.
  • I admit to being a spoiled American home maker.
  • I’m thankful for my daily “helpers”

So, here I am with this load of wet sheets; making plans to drape them all over my house.

  • I decided I was not going to let this Monday morning irritate or discourage me.
  • There’s just too many good things to focus on….not this bump in the road.

After the wet laundry was dispersed around our home, I approached my husband and said: “I think the dryer went out.”  

  • Since he has that typical male gene, (the one that keeps men from finding anything without your help), I was given a puzzled look and asked: “What do you mean the dryer went out?”
  • I replied very clearly: “The dryer is broken.”
  • He then proceeded to locate the dryer manuel, look it over for a while, then decided to check a couple of recommendations out.
  • He got the flashlight, removed the lint filter to see if a coin or something had become lodged in the filter slot.
  • Boy!! did we get an unexpected surprise.

You’ve heard of the movie “Snakes on a Plane.”

  • In our home the title has been changed to “Snakes in the Dryer.”
  • How’s that for a Monday morning experience!
  • Immediately he put the filter back into the slot and shut the door.
  • We both were un-nerved, decided not to panic and paused to collect our thoughts.
  • We didn’t know what slithering species was lodged in our dryer.
  • Neither of us had the “know how” or the tools to fix the problem.

A couple of men we knew were called for help, but they were not home.

  • In a louder than norm voice I started giving directions:
  • “Call the community office, call the maintenance department, call the sheriff’s department, call the fire department, CALL SOMEONE.” 
  • As Daffy Duck used to say: “What a revolting development this is.”

Shortly thereafter the sheriff showed up.

  • He looked the situation over and said : “Yep, that’s a snake in your dryer.”
  • He didn’t know what to do, but went to get some help.
  • He quickly returned with and EMT on duty from our fire department.
  • Due to the goodness of God, we got more than what we needed.
  • In addition to being an EMT this man sent our way was an Ophidiologist (an individual who studies the natural history and behavior of snakes).
  • Can you believe it….this man went to school to learn about snakes.

He checked the situation out, decided it was a non-poisonous snake.

  • By now the said snake was mad, hissing and not about to be removed from his cozy spot with a wire coat hanger.
  • My husband gave him his leather gloves and he then proceeded to try to pull the snake out.
  • That didn’t work either.
  • By now, one of the community board members had arrived with a dolly.
  • They moved the dryer out and our expert removed the snake from the newly opened back of the dryer.

We had not only one, but two Texas Rat Snakes in the dryer; a male and female.

  • Before the back was put back on, both the dryer and vent hose were checked to be sure there were no other snakes present.
  • We have had a month of daily rain, storms and downpours with a week or more still predicted.
  • Every critter that lives outside is looking for shelter.
  • To these two snakes, our home was both dry and inviting.
  • Needless to say….we are installing a new outside cover to our dryer vent.
  • After all the excitement, our dryer was healed and started working again.

In your life, remember the unexpected is going to happen. In our family life we’ve come through unexpected loss, many wonderful unexpected surprises, and as happened to us this week: unexpected “Snakes in the Dryer.” We now have one more story to add to our collection of….things to laugh about.      


Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day;

Monday, Monday, sometimes it turns out that way.

Oh, Monday morning —

You gave me no warning of what was to be.”

**Composed by John Phillips & Recorded by the Mamas and Papas


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