The Merry Month of May


There’s an old show tune “June Is Bustin’ Out All Over.” 

  • I have never really understood that title.
  • It seems to me that MAY is really the month everyone should be singing about.
  • It’s one of the most lovely months of the year.
  • The whole world seems to be in bloom and the leaves are putting on garments of green.
  • How beautiful to observe and how sweet the fragrance all around us.
  • Of course, you understand, that I’m a little prejudice about this month.
  • I was born in May, so was one of our daughters, a grandson and a sister-in-law.
  • For our family May is truly a month of beginnings.
  • My Mother once told me “I don’t want any more May birthdays.”
  • My reply to her was: “You started it.”

When I was a child in Missouri, we still participated in an old custom.

  • We left MAY BASKETS on the door steps of neighbors and friends.
  • Containers were made out of whatever materials were available.
  • It might be bottles, cans, baskets or even construction paper.
  • These “baskets” were lovingly assembled, decorated and filled with flowers from our back yard.
  • Then, with a sense of anticipation, you slipped up to the neighbor’s front door, hung your basket on the doorknob, rang the bell and ran.
  • Too bad this custom has been abandoned.
  • It was a treat both for the “giver and the givee.”

MAY also is for Mothers and that includes many of us.

  • Ever since I can remember, my number one desire was to be a wife and mother.
  • Graciously God has allowed me both privileges.
  • Sad to say, that society now seems to look down on women who have that ambition.
  • Education, career, position and all the clutter that goes with it is now the ideal taught to women.
  • There’s nothing wrong with any of those goals as long as they are kept in the right perspective.

There is no higher calling from God for a woman than that of a Mother.

  • It is a sacred trust to mold the life of a child.
  • It takes time, years and energy to accomplish this task.
  • It is hard work that most of the time goes unnoticed.
  • It sometimes is heartbreaking work.
  • It is honorable.
  • It is laughter and it is tears.
  • Finally, after all the work, it is a time of letting go.

So, to Mothers everywhere; MAY is your month.

  • To my Mother who is now gone, “Thank you for what you have given me of yourself.
  • You are never far from me because I carry you in my heart, in my thoughts and in the strength you have passed on to me.”


“To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.”

(Thomas Campbell)


One thought on “The Merry Month of May

  1. The Sermonator says:

    Dear blogger, this May blog of yours, seemed to be filled with great memories of your life, and I thank you for it. I thank you for your thoughts, because it reminded me anew and afresh of the wonderful blessings that God has given to me even back in my early years, when I was dating my High School Sweetheart and the wonderful times she and I had together. And after she and I got married, our lives have been so blessed with the precious experiences of a blessed married life, and God’s gift of three precious children. Today, as I have remembered so many of these wonderful memories of mine, I just wanted take the time to post this comment of appreciation to you for your memories. What a wonderful thing it would be, if all married couples would take the time to look back on their marriage, and remember all of the wonderful times they have had together, and then take the time to express to their mate, their gratitude for all these great years of good times they’ve had together. Thanks again for your May Blog.


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