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What exactly is a MISTAKE? How often do we make one? How do we let them effect our lives, our relating to others?

  • A BIG question: How do you and I let the MISTAKES others make INFLUENCE what we may say and do?
  • Too many of us wear our hearts on our sleeves. We are offended too much of the time by others; their words or behavior.
  • Much of the time, it’s really only an action we perceive they have committed. In reality each of us look at others from our own perspective more frequently than not.

MISTAKES are errors or bad choices.

  • Some are big with larger consequences and some are small with a lesser price to pay.
  • Some of them are made instantly without thought.
  • Others are made after we “stew” about an event for a while.
  • Then we go to work to chastise another individual.
  • This may only be done mentally or emotionally, but our choice is to be disappointed, condemn and withdraw ourselves from said offender.

Everyone makes MISTAKES…….even YOU.

  • Our work associates, friends, family members, spouses, and (heaven forbid! so do Christians and pastors)
  • These last two we put on an exceptionally high level.
  • GIVE THEM A BREAK. They are not perfect; just human beings like each one of us.
  • They make MISTAKES: some intentional, but also a lot that are thoughtless human error.
  • If intentional, God will take care of it.
  • If unintentional; let go of it and be forgiving.
  • When thinking of them, we throw the word HYPOCRITE around quite freely.
  • We judge them, lose our admiration and remove ourselves from associating with them.
  • In short, we hide behind what we call a hypocrite and become one our self.
  • Let me ask you this IMPORTANT QUESTION:
  • Why do you continue to PAY MONEY to attend sports or entertainment events when a large number of those you go to see have demonstrated poor life choices and have even been found guilty of committing crimes?
  • Yet, you continue to go to these venues, but you won’t darken the door of a certain church or possibly any church again.
  • In my book….that makes YOU a hypocrite.
  • Everything is in the eye of the beholder, and most of us think we’re better than others, because of either their words or actions.
  • The truth is: none of us are. PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES, and we “are a people.”

Some MISTAKES we make are huge, and there is a tremendous price to pay.

  • In this day and in this country there is much that needs to be corrected.
  • Our society is paying a high price for MISTAKES we as Christians, individuals, or leaders have made.
  • There are things we should have done (omission); other choices made which were wrong (commission).
  • Too often we as parents see something wrong our children do (especially a very bad choice) and step in to avert the consequences.
  • WRONG. In order to learn: the natural consequences of inappropriate actions must be allowed to follow their progression.
  • It’s hard to stand by and watch this, but the results instruct them and ourselves.

I personally heard another individual relate this illustration, and since then have read of the truth of this in nature’s plan. One day as this man was hiking through a wooded area, He saw a cocoon hanging from a tree limb. The insect within was struggling to emerge. He watched for a while, but then took pity on the long and difficult struggle of the insect. He made the decision to help the birthing process by opening the cocoon himself. Then, the butterfly made it’s appearance, tried to find strength in its body to fly off. But, after a few minutes it fell to the ground dead. What happened? Well, the struggles the butterfly goes through is important to the vitality of it’s life. In working it’s way out of the cocoon (facing the consequences) a specific element flows through the body and to the wings of this new beautiful creature. Without this process the wings never develop and the butterfly never flies to accomplish it’s purpose in life.

We all need to learn more from our MISTAKES.

  • Myself, I must admit that I’ve learned from some and others I keep repeating.
  • Still, whatever stage of life is ours, we should strive to always be learning, forgiving and growing in our personal lives.
  • The process must be endured; in order to become a more mature and less judgemental individual.

Be a person of positive action not a person who only reacts. Reaction causes damage to you and others; that you don’t even stop to think about. Keep this thought in mind when looking at others…….you are not MISTAKE free.


“The only man who never makes a mistake

is the man who never does anything.”

(Theodore Roosevelt)



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