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 “Baseball is 90% mental — the other half is physical”

(Yogi Berra)

Baseball season is now in full “swing” (pun intended). 

  • My favorite team had it’s opening game this past Sunday and they won that game.
  • Missouri is my home state so, I have been a St. Louis Cardinal fan since childhood.
  • Last Christmas my husband gave me a lovely Hallmark Cardinal ornament for the tree.
  • Just for fun I have decided to display it during this and future Baseball seasons.
  • I am an avid fan, but not a crazy follower of my team.
  • I do not have to wear red or paint my face for the games, but I do enjoy watching them on television or listening to the play by play on the radio.

The Cardinals consistently are a winning team.

  • Their success comes from a good front office and developing young players through their farm club system.
  • They don’t quickly go out and BUY players, but invest their time on improving what they already have.
  • They own many Division Titles and have won the World Series several times.
  • They won the 107th Series against the Texas Rangers 2011.
  • The sixth game of that Series is sometimes called one of the best and most thrilling games ever played.
  • As a long time resident of Texas, I still rooted for the Cardinals.

At one time Baseball was called America’s national pastime.

  • Not so true anymore, which is sort of sad to say.
  • Now, people in other countries have taken our game and made it their national pastime.
  • At one time Baseball was the only game in town.
  • It’s origins go back to 1845.
  • American football came on the scene around 1882
  • Basketball was invented in 1891.
  • Hockey and soccer came to the USA much later.

Ever so often when discussing the sport with others, their first complaint is: “Baseball is so slow.”  

  • What they fail to see is that the game is built on strategy.
  • The different ways to manage a game.
  • What pitcher or pitches to use.
  • What hitter is best in a given situation.
  • What batter is best to use against a specific pitcher.
  • How to score runs and at the same time keep the opposing team from scoring.
  • The decisions about options to use are almost endless.
  • No two games are ever the same.
  • When you have nine men on the field, plus the umps, anything can and does happen.

I’m going to take a time out and and address a few words to the powers that be in this old game……”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  • Recently these powers have made a couple of unnecessary changes to the game.
  • One….rules concerning blocking home plate to keep the runner from scoring.
  • Ridiculous! It’s part of the game.
  • You can’t protect the players from everything.
  • In life, and if you participate in sports, you’re going to get hurt sometimes.
  • Two….it’s crazy for people sitting in New York to second guess what happens on the field or an umpire’s missed call.
  • So what! In life mistakes are made.
  • We grow and learn to live with a “bad call.”

We live in a day of instant gratification.

  • That’s the reason for the “slow” put down of Baseball that is verbalized today.
  • Like the white rabbit of Alice in Wonderland “no time, no time, I must hurry.”  
  • In our hurry, hurry we’ve lost some things that are valuable to our lives.
  • One of the dangers of Twitter or the iPhone is that we begin to live on hits of information and short messages limited in the number of characters that can be used.
  • This creates ADD to others, (attention Deficit disorder) which has gone viral today.

We are all playing this game called life, and in many ways it can be compared to Baseball.

  • We sometimes pitch and sometimes catch.
  • We will occasionally hit a home run and at other times fail to get on base.
  • There will be days when we get a walk or a hit and other days when we strike out.
  • We need to know the rules, train, put our strategies to work and do our best to win  the game.

Watch a Baseball game and observe all the details.

  • Watch all the action through the eyes of a manager.
  • Like Baseball, slow your life down.
  • You’ll keep up with ALL the action a little better.
  • Your stress level will become lower.
  • Your relationships will show improvement.
  • You will be more relaxed.
  • You will make fewer mistakes.
  • You will make more productive decisions.

Pay careful attention to how the game is played. You’ll find you will win more times than you lose.


“The first principle of contract negotiations is

don’t remind them of what you did in the past —

tell them what you’re going to do in the future.”

(Stan “The Man” Musial, Outfielder & First Baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals)


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