Life's Journey



RESURRECTION……To rise again, To reappear

Last September on a post these words were recorded on this site: “Somehow I believe the trees are alive with the splendor of color in the fall; to send a message to winter. Just wait…it isn’t over yet…I’ll be back clothed with the beauty of RESURRECTION.

Today, we are very close to seeing the truth of those words.

  • New life springing forth from what APPEARED to be dead.
  • The dull brown grass again is putting on her shades of green.
  • The barren skeletons of the trees are showing signs of budding leaves.
  • From the earth beneath us infant flowers are beginning to reveal themselves.
  • Each day we hear more and more the music of the birds.
  • Spring, RESURRECTION is almost here.
  • Warmth and color will once more defeat winter with all her cold, dark and drab days.

All through the history of civilization there has been only one true RESURRECTION.

  • The world celebrates this God given event tomorrow…..Easter Sunday.
  • The springing forth of something new which has been given to ALL men.
  • Death into a new life, sorrow into happiness, failure into success, despair into hope.
  • LOOK to this RESURRECTION, of a reborn life that lives again after death.

A different definition of RESURRECTION is a rising again; a springing forth into life or vitality; as the rebirth of one’s hopes.

  • We’ve all watched the death of dreams, plans and relationships; only to have our lives renewed probably in a way that had never occurred to us.
  • I would venture to say: “most of the time the new direction was better than the old.” 

Just as the seasons change from death to life, so do we.

  • More than once, in both my spiritual and personal life I have had to change course.
  • I remember a past Easter morning in which I got up early to do some thinking and reflection concerning this special day.
  • Our living room had windows on three sides.
  • As I sat on the couch and looked outside those windows, I immediately became attracted to the rebirth in nature.
  • The green of the grass, the blooming pear trees, the flowering bushes, the busy squirrels, the foraging birds.
  • All these events spoke about my life. I had a renewal in my heart, a time of Resurrection, a reappearance of what I sometimes neglect.


RESURRECTION: Life from death…..Jesus Christ 

RESURRECTION: Rebirth…..You and Me


Our LORD has written the promise of resurrection,

Not in books alone,

But in every leaf in springtime.

(Martin Luther)




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