Life's Journey

What’s The Big Deal?


Everyone one of us has experiences, probably on a regular basis, that are unexpected, frustrating, irritating and sometimes can make us down right mad.

  • For me, I get very impatient when stuck in traffic.
  • Somethings we encounter are larger and some are smaller events, but we still let them get under our skin and we over react.
  • Such as: we’re in a hurry to get somewhere and the car won’t start, we’ve misplaced our keys, company’s coming and the sink stopped up, the phone didn’t get charged or just as you are ready to go out the baby spits up.

The list is endless for all of us. We all have experienced over and over Gumperson’s Law.

  • These incidents are just part of living an everyday life.
  • My husband gets sooo very upset at himself when he has “an accident of life” happen to him. Maybe he’s misplaced something. He’ll break a glass or spill something that will fly all over the place.
  • I usually try to sooth his irritation and help clean up the mess.
  • While we are working to put things back in order I tell him: “IT’S NO BIG DEAL” don’t take it so seriously, nothing important has happened. Calm down, everything’s going to be ok.

I remember one time when I went to an orthopedic surgeon.

  • He had been giving me shots in my knee, but this time the pain was so intense that I let out a small cry.
  • He apologized. I remarked to him that it caught me by surprise and that this experience was “just small potatoes.”
  • He gave me a serious look and said: “you’ve got the big picture, don’t you?” 
  • I responded in the affirmative; by that time I had had many real life experiences.
  • From then on any time I met one of his collegues, he always introduced me as his favorite patient.

A while back while visiting with a friend of mine, it was easy to see that she was quite upset and distressed.

  • As I inquired about her problem, she told me her mother had  a health issue that MIGHT be cancer.
  • My friend had worked herself up into an emotional state that included losing her mother before too long.
  • We talked and I encouraged her to take it a step at a time. Wait for tests and more definitive news.
  • If the news was not good she could concentrate on crossing one bridge at a time; not all of them at once.
  • As it turned out her mother didn’t have cancer.

We all fall prey to the fear of the unknown, but that is not the place to stay even for the short term.

  • Trust that things will turn out right.
  • If they don’t, then ask for strength to face whatever is before you and get going to do whatever is required to conquer the situation and come out on the other side.

Most of the time I have learned not to let the little things get to me anymore.

  • I must confess though, when something major happens I may find myself stunned for a little while.
  • But then as reality hits, I gather my thoughts, put myself back together, look to my faith and start down the path to meet whatever situation is ahead of me.

When it comes to the various little experiences of life, stop and say to yourself: “IT’S NO BIG DEAL.” Save your energies for the things that are A BIG DEAL.


“Worrying is like a rocking chair.

It gives you something to do,

but won’t get you anywhere.”


(Response of a 17 year old boy from Firestone, CO when asked this question:

What is the best piece of advice you ever received?)



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