Life's Journey

March Already


HELP!  Do you believe it?  I don’t.

  • Here we are already, it’s the third month of this new year.  I guess the term “new year” is out of your vocabulary by now, but as you can plainly see, it isn’t out of mine.
  • Life in the norm has ceased to exist for myself these past few weeks.  I totally lost January and I’m not really sure if February made any sort of appearance at all.
  • My mind and spirit were both still reflecting on the “joys of family” this past Christmas and looking forward to a few boring winter days with a good book or possibly a jigsaw puzzle.

By this time, I’m sure some of you may be saying to yourself, “forget the past lady and get a life.” But you are at my mercy as I sit at this keyboard and make each one of you a victim of my rambling thoughts.

THOUGHT ONE – Be careful what you say, God very often meets you at that point. 

  • I have been reviewing the post that I wrote to a couple of months ago:
  • “for each one of us this New Year is a blank page.  It is up to us to put a part of the story of our lives upon this page. When you look back at the close of this present year, what will be written upon it? The power of the pen is in your hand.  True, God is in control, but you are the chosen author to fill this page. Will you decide to write of mystery, romance, commitment, laughter, friendship or will you fill your page with frustration, disillusionment, anger and regret. The choice is yours.”
  • In your mind, review the page you started for 2015.  Want to improve it, go right ahead.  Everyday is reborn.

THOUGHT TWO – God meets us where we are, not where we think we should be.

  • He loves us and is faithful to us through all the ups and downs of our relationship with Him.
  • It seems to me that I spend my Christian life practicing the old adage “three steps forward and two steps back.”  
  • If I am honest with myself, I must admit that I live in Romans 7. Paul’s cry in verse 24 is the cry of my soul.
  • That isn’t the end of my (and your) story.  What follows this cry of anguish is Romans 8, one of the most beloved chapters in the Bible.
  • What joy, what peace, what comfort, what hope!  Remember, no matter where you are in your walk with God; Every day is reborn.

THOUGHT THREE – God knows our needs, even when we don’t recognize them.

  • Much of the time that need is filled in our relationship with Him. Of course, we think we will find it in other areas.
  • So, even as Christians we continue through life “looking for love in all the wrong places.”
  • Nothing, I repeat, nothing satisfies except Him.  Can we remember to daily put this truth to work?  Everyday is reborn.


  • May each one of us take this still young year to think on what has already passed and what lies ahead.
  • Let’s all endeavor to be all we can be for God and for each other.

Time is a commodity that cannot be replaced.  All of us loose it too quickly.  You can make your special mark on 2015.



“The philosophies of life have to be right first,

then you are ready to house the tools needed to carry out these philosophies.”



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