Encouragement, Life's Journey



There are only two kinds of people in this world. You know which one they are the moment they enter a room.

  • Their personality says either: “Here I Am.” or “There You Are.”
  • Have you ever observed this behavior?
  • Do you people watch?…..It’s very interesting.
  • If you look closely and are honest with yourself, you may even recognize some of your personal traits.

For several years I was involved with an individual who (I’m not kidding) whenever they entered a room actually said: “Here I Am.” 

  • This person was very blessed, but their need to be the object of everyone’s focus was continually on display.
  • Their ego constantly had to be flattered.
  • If you didn’t respond in the required manner, you were ignored and crossed off their list.
  • Insecurity may cause us to withdraw, but sometimes it causes us to make demands of others in our sphere of influence.

Many of us do not realize that we rely on others to validate who we really are.

  • Why aren’t we comfortable with ourselves?
  • Why does our sense of self-esteem have to come from someone else?
  • They’re just like us; struggling with interior and exterior actions.

I know too many people who don’t like quiet or to be alone.

  • Their lives have to filled with actions, others or something to break the silence.
  • An individual I’m very personally acquainted with keeps the TV on twenty-four/seven.
  • They even sleep (very little) with it on.
  • It’s avoidance of reality, of having to think about their behavior and poor life choices.
  • When you really analyze this habit it stems (probably subconsciously) from guilt.

Once we had a young man of college age visit us in our home for several days.

  • Sometime he would disappear into the guest room and do nothing.
  • When we went to check on him, he would just be sitting quietly on the bed.
  • Being concerned, we would make sure he was all right.
  • His answer to us was always: “I’m just thinking.”

Cultivate the habit of thinking. It won’t hurt you; in fact it might help.

  • Think about your choices, motives, relationships, goals.
  • Think about your mistakes and determine to learn from them.
  • Think about accepting who you are and being comfortable with yourself.
  • Think about making improvements in your life.
  • Think about your spiritual life because that defines who you really are and what you do.
  • Scripture tells us to “examine ourselves.”

In dealing with the individuals in your life, what makes you tick?

  • Do you ever take the time to look deep into yourself, your motives, your behavior?
  • Or, do you just float through life with little thought of what you are and how you are perceived by others?

Are you a Here Person or a There Person?

Think about this……you may be the best person someone knows.

  • NOW, THAT’S A RESPONSIBILITY. Apply it wisely.

“The philosophies of life have to be right first,

Then you are ready to house the tools needed to carry out these philosophies.”



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