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What Is A Valentine ?


…….February 14, 2015


For a few days now I have been thinking about February 14th. I did a little research on this day which can be described in one word….boring.

  • In the big picture of life is it an important day to celebrate?
  • It certainly isn’t a national holiday.
  • There are two definitions for A Valentine.
  • One: the object of love expressed.
  • Two: the means by which that love is expressed.

In the routine of our lives we very quickly take others for granted.

  • Our parents, mates, children, siblings, friends and other associates.
  • Generally we are occupied with anything that has to do with ourselves.
  • Believe me, I fight this battle too.
  • It is the ingrained nature of all humans.

Something else many of us face is: hurry, hurry, hurry…busy, busy, busy…no time, no time, no time.

  • But, really the message we are communicating is: me, me, me.
  • Again, it is so easy to say: “life is all about me.”
  • Today, celebrates putting yourself aside, and expressing to someone “life is all about you and you bring something special to mine.”

Thanksgiving is a day of gratitude for what we have.

  • Valentine’s Day celebrates the people in our lives (definition one).
  • As Ma Bell used to say “reach out and touch someone.”
  • Whether you do something big or small, everyone likes to be appreciated.
  • And, to know that they bring value to your life.

Each of us as children probably made homemade cards and gifts for our family and friends (definition two).

  • Many of us have memories of dime store cards and small heart candies with messages on them.
  • Now, commercialism has taken over from more simple times.

The adds we see today are designed to lure us into expressing our love by increasing their bottom line.

  • This is not to say that spending big bucks is wrong.
  • Which it isn’t, but to express the opinion that it isn’t necessary.
  • One of my most favorite Valentine gifts was a book “Mrs. Ike” written by her granddaughter Susan Eisenhower.
  • It’s an important treasure to me. I have reread it several times.

Make a phone call. 

Send a card. 

Write a note. 

Go to dinner. 

Buy that special gift. 

Say thank you. 

Use your imagination for the list is endless. One requirement though: your attitude must not be “I have to” but “because I want to.”

Why do we do this only on February the fourteenth?

  • What’s wrong April, July, September or any other month?
  • Some places in the USA, particularly the north east area, celebrate Sweetest Day on October the eighteenth.
  • It’s basically Valentine’s Day in October.




A man is not where he lives, but where he loves.

(Latin Proverb)


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