Encouragement, Life's Journey


DSCN3147 ……January 24, 2015





The fruitful life needs showers as well as sunshine….It rained today.  An all-day, slow, steady rain.

  • God spoke through the rain.
  • It spoke of drought, of storms, of freshness, of beauty, of ugliness, of the future, and of human nature….my nature.

There are some people who complain about the rain because it’s a dreary day or interferes with their plans, it’s an inconvenience to them.

  • But, our state, our property has been dry for too long.
  • Homes, trees, vegetation, animals, and human lives have been lost because of the lack of rain.

As I watched the rain and thought upon the issues of life. 

  • I noticed the trees.  Except for the evergreens, they were barren; their leaves were gone.
  • Their skeleton limbs reached for the sky — waiting for a new birth to once again be clothed in the majesty God had planned for them.
  • It is the same in our lives.  We forget God and the showers He wants to pour out on us.
  • We have a drought in our lives and we become dry and brittle.  Some even die in that state.

The Old Testament in Amos 8:11 speaks of a famine, not of bread or a thirst for water, but of hearing the Word of God.

  • Today some have the privilege of still hearing His Word.
  • Sadly they make themselves unavailable, or they may hear;  but not with the heart.
  • Jesus said: “they that have ears, let them hear.”

Sometimes with the rain comes storms.

  • Oh, the storms of life.
  • They test us, they break our hearts, they teach us, they strengthen us.

After the storm comes relief.

  • Calmness, blue skies, a freshness to our lives and the birth of a new path for our lives.

Rain is the servant of God’s plans to grow us.

  • As the trees, may you and I always be reaching for the heavens.
  • May His blessings fall on your life and mine.
  • Thank you God for the rain.


“Let but thy heart become a valley low, 

And God will rain on it till it will overflow.”  



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