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…..December 27, 2014




A woman who lives in my small community and her some of her family members spent their Christmas holidays on a trip together. She had been thinking about their trip and what a wonderful experience they had, so she decided to share it.

She and her family were waiting for a flight at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, and began seeing soldiers drifting in to wait for their departing flights. They thought about what the soldiers must be going to face when they arrived at their destination.

Suddenly, loud clapping and cheering broke out, she and her family turned around to see people looking up as the clapping spread through out the entire terminal. On the upper lever, they saw returning soldiers disembarking their flight. Everyone in the terminal paused and clapped until the last soldier was off the plane. It must have taken 30 minutes or more.

Their arms were aching from so much clapping, but their hearts were not. The woman who seemed to be the cheerleader of it all walked past them, and as she left, they spoke to her. The lady said she goes to Dallas/Fort Worth Airport every day to greet the troops.

God bless this special woman for making sure the soldiers have a warm welcome, and God bless each and every soldier. Our neighbor said she and her family were certainly blessed from the experience.

**From: Happenings by Karen (January 2010)

Weekly Newspaper……Published in this bloggers home area


I pass this on to you because it says so much to each of us about the spirit of giving. Many of us have just given and opened an abundance of presents. The selflessness and caring of this woman should be a challenge to all of us. This article made such an impression on me that I have kept it in my files almost four years. The example given here and the happiness it gave to those soldiers comes to my thoughts frequently. I hope you think about what you have just read, and enter into 2015, asking yourself……..how can I give more of myself to others this year 

Don’t focus on you. FOCUS ON THEM !!


“Your greatest pleasure is that which rebounds from

hearts that you have made glad.”

(Henry Ward Beecher)


Profile Fact: Henry Ward Beecher and his daughter Harriet Beecher Stowe are in my family tree.


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