Encouragement, Life's Journey

The Penny


…….November 22, 2014


Today, in our monetary system pennies are basically worthless. 

  • They have no purchasing power but their size speaks volumes to our lives.
  • We all need to pay attention to the lesson of life taught by a simple penny.

As we make our way through our journey of life,  we encounter various large obstacles.

  • Sometimes they cause us to veer off our planned course.
  • If we’re not alert we might not ever get back onto the right path.

But, for now let’s bring our thoughts back to the penny and the small experiences of life. 

  • Those things that we tend to forget about or think are unimportant.
  • What daily things do you overlook in your life?

Small, common events bring us pleasure. They cause us to smile both inside and outside. Sometimes they even make us laugh or bring back a special memory.

  1. The soft glow of candlelight
  2. A smile or a kind word
  3. The laughter of a baby or maybe watching one sleeping
  4. Opening a door for someone, maybe giving up your place in line
  5. Anticipation of purchasing a gift for a loved one
  6. Hearing “thank you or please”
  7. The smell of cookies baking or a steak on the grill
  8. A cozy fire in the fireplace on a cold winter’s evening
  9. Listening to music
  10. The companionship of a loving pet
  11. The voice of a long time special friend
  12. Watching the ocean tides come in and go out

For me, I don’t believe the memory….of the warmth and comfort found from a blanket freshly heated when l was in pain and chilled in a hospital recovery room will ever be forgotten. I know that sounds weird, but it was a small thing; important to me at a specific time.

On the other hand, small things may also be unpleasant. Things we would like to ignore instead of taking care of. They probably are tasks we deem unimportant or more truthfully, we just plain don’t like to do them. There’s nothing fun about the demands they make on us. We’d rather spend our time on doing what we enjoy.

  1. Organizing and filing our paperwork
  2. Taking out the trash
  3. Hanging up our clothes
  4. Folding dryer items as soon as the dryer stops (this avoids wrinkles)
  5. Washing the car
  6. Turning out the lights when leaving a room
  7. Putting our stuff away after we have gotten it out
  8. Placing our phone, keys, glasses or the remote in the same spot
  9. Keeping a note pad and pen by the phone
  10. Making a grocery list
  11. Finding the rattle in the car that irritates us
  12. Fixing a dripping faucet

Then, there are the small negative things that happen in our relationships with others.

  • They can really “chaff our hides”.
  • We probably should have overlooked what was said or done in the first place.
  • Most of the time, what we perceive was in our imagination and unintended.

The list for both ends of the spectrum can be endless.

  • For each one of us the items will be different.
  • But whatever your list, realize that small things are a big part of our everyday lives.
  • STOP and inventory yourself.

A person who takes care of the THE SMALL THINGS will most certainly take care of the BIG THINGS.

As you are reading this, you’ll probably be saying to yourself; what’s all this have to do with a penny? Here’s your answer:

  • Whenever I got into my daughter’s car the first thing that would catch my attention was a penny.
  • She had it scotch taped in the center of her dashboard where it was in plain sight.
  • I would look at that penny and wonder why it was there.
  • One day when we were going somewhere together, I asked her about the penny on her dash.
  • She replied “I have it there to remind me to take care of the little things”.


Great idea. Maybe that’s something we all should do. Put A PENNY where we will see it frequently and remember to: take care of the small things.


“When we take time to notice the simple things in life,

We never lack for encouragement.

We discover we are surrounded by limitless hope

That’s just wearing everyday clothes.”



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