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Be Goofy

…..Novemeber 15, 2014

“I remember sitting on the front steps

Feeling the softness of a warm summer rain

I see the reflections of my mind

All the sadness all the pain

Visions of yesterday,

How they slip away

And though my dreams have come and gone

With one wish I can say:

Kiss me in the rain, and make me feel like a child again

Bring back all those memories

Kiss me in the rain, and make me feel like a child again.” **

  After all these heavy topics of life which we have discussed, I think it’s time just to have some fun and laugh. We all enjoy that good, deep down laugh. Once in a while (usually late at night), my funny box gets turned over and I laugh until I cry. Then, I laugh more and cry more. When we’re all together our family watches for these events so they can join the silliness. They’ll look at me and say: “there she goes.” Laughter is contagious. Remember what it’s like to get tickled at something and eventually the whole group is laughing with you. Some of them probably don’t even know what was funny, but they joined in anyway. Why? Because it’s fun to do. It lightens our load of cares and sometimes even soothes our wounds. I remember driving back into town from the cemetery with my husband and our younger daughter. We had just buried our oldest child. Suddenly something silly happened and our car was filled with laughter. That was good. We needed to laugh. We have been life long friends with a dear couple since we were teenagers. Our lives went in different directions and we have been separated by distance for most of our adult lives. When we get together, it is as if we had never been apart. Laughter has always been a big part of our relationship. One day many years ago we were visiting them and the three of us plotted a great joke to play on my husband. Boy!, did we ever succeed with our little plan. We were rolling on the floor with laughter. These many years later the memory still brings smiles and laughter to our lives. Have you ever thought about how beneficial it is to laugh at yourself? We can sometimes take ourselves too seriously. It’s good to loosen up and get out of your box. Life is too short and regardless of our experiences we need to see the joy in it. So, I’m going to share one of my “box less” and fun days with you. The neighborhood we lived in at the time was small and secluded. There was one road in and the same road took you out. The area was wooded and the street was in an oval shape. Homes surrounded the inside and outside of the oval. It was a great place to safely walk. Quite a few of us liked to walk and you usually met someone as you were going down the road.  One thing I began to notice: people usually walked looking down at the ground. (Now that’s a life lesson right there), I would wonder why they did that; so I made a practice of looking forward and even up to the sky occasionally. Looking up is always a positive thing to do. Put that in your life and practice it more. One day my husband was walking with me. Of course, he was looking down; so I gave him a short discourse on my observations of where he should be looking. We were pass the point of no return when it started to sprinkle. He wanted to hurry home, but I was enjoying myself walking in the rain. At this time we were already wet, so what was the rush; it was a lovely day. Again, I encouraged him to look up and enjoy the blessing of rain falling on his face. By that time, he thought I was a little crazy. Our house was the second one from the corner. The neighbors on the corner were grumpy and not very friendly. I don’t remember them ever saying one word to us. By the time we were almost home, I turned to my husband and said: “I’ve always loved the Barbara Streisand song Kiss Me In The Rain, I want you to kiss me in the rain?”  Just at the precise moment he was kissing me, you guessed it, our Mr. Scrooge neighbor stepped out of his house; his jaw dropped when he saw us. He quickly went back into his home. By this time, I was totally out of my box and I did a Tarzan yell; just like the comedian Carol Burnett used to do. After that, hubby decided I really was crazy and hurried off to get back to the house. To finish it off, when I got home I decided to stand under a stream of water pouring off the corner of our roof. I was already soaked, so why not? Nothing bad happened that day. We got wet and had to clean up, so what…that’s a big deal? We gave our neighbors something to talk about (which was worth the whole experience), had a great time and made a memory. You may be laughing with me as this story is being related to you. Actually, I hope you are. Laughter releases tension and makes our journey so much more pleasant. Once in a while, laugh at yourself and be goofy. It won’t hurt. In fact, it might help. FIND SOMETHING TO LAUGH ABOUT TODAY…..Next, plan on laughing tomorrow, the day after that and the day after that. As the King of Siam said to Anna: “et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.”

Always laugh when you can.

It is cheap medicine.

(Lord Byron)

**  Song: Kiss Me In The Rain Composers:  Santo Farina, L. Ratner 


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