Encouragement, Life's Journey

John Wayne

 ….October 18, 2014


Recently I came across this quote attributed to John Wayne.  “LIFE IS TOUGH, but it’s tougher when you’re STUPID.”  The Duke, he called this one right.

It’s a shame what people do to themselves (and others) because of stupid.  I know people that are and have been stupid.  I’ve been there myself more than once.

If this topic fits you, you are admonished to wake up and smell the roses.

Don’t know exactly where to go with this one, so I’ll just start and we’ll see what happens.

  • My heart hurts and is very concerned for someone our family decided to trust and welcome into our lives.
  • I have no anger, no vindictiveness, but sadness and disappointment for broken trust.
  • Right now this individual is living stupid, hurting their own life most of all, and the lives of others because they have let what happen to them yesterday put them in a deep dark hole.


One of life’s unchangeable truths is that; we only have today, yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.


Sometimes we live so far in the past that we can’t see today and what is before us for only this one day.

  • This truth was brought home to us with the death of our oldest child at the age of 27.  One of my comforts was that we had so many days hidden in our hearts to remember.
  • Was everyday perfect?  No, but there are good memories, laughter, fun times along with the days that were frustrating and the days tears were shed.
  • We tried to take each day and what it held for that day.

None of us has the promise of tomorrow.


There are those who don’t live today, because they have told themselves that tomorrow will be better.

  • They’ll be happier, have more things, be better off, be more handsome or attractive, meet the right person, etc.
  • They can’t take the joy out of today because of the longing for what might be down the road.
  • So much of the time that longing is never fulfilled and that makes today a waste.

Nothing to laugh about, nothing to remember, nothing to enjoy……..just a day gone by.


On the flip side of this record I have talked to and dealt with so many people who cannot get over what happened in the yesterdays that are gone and cannot be changed.

  • They are still grieving 10, 20, 30, 40 years or more later.
  • Their lives are under the control of someone else. Not God, not themselves.

I just want to shake them and tell them to quit wallering in the past. Just like a pig wallers in the mud.


Behind every face is a story. In each of our lives there is one big word CHOICE.  That word dominates our lives. It determines how we live now and for eternity.

  • I have my story and a lot of it is full of pain.
  • Countless others have overcome tremendous odds and have led positive lives.
  • Joni Erickson Tada (a quadriplegic) for one. She challenges me when I think I owe myself a pity party.

C.H. Spurgeon once said:

“Many men owe the grandeur of their lives to tremendous difficulties.”


We think the positives and negatives in our lives are because of others or circumstances beyond our control.

  • That is a lie we tell ourselves to use as an excuse for who we are and what we do.
  • It’s a cop-out and we use it to become lazy so we don’t have to do the hard work, a day at a time, it takes to live a productive life for God, others and ourselves.


I am firmly convinced that each of us is a product of how we talk to ourselves about ourselves. 

We hear so much psychological propaganda today about copping with our experiences.

Experiences my foot, they don’t amount to a hill of beans. 

  • Who are you? 
  • What are you doing? 
  • Who is influencing you?


It certainly isn’t God or you wouldn’t be making the mistakes you’re making now. You have a choice.

  • Make it for God, do the difficult work.
  • Be the person you should be.
  • Quit crying over the milk that was spilt yesterday.


Forget yesterday, forget tomorrow.  The Army says “Be all you can be.”  Choose to live today and count your blessings.


“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.” 



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