Life's Journey, Seasonal


……October 11, 2014


We are now newly entered into the fall season and nature is changing all around us.

  • She is adorning herself with one last show of beauty before her winter’s rest.
  • The colors are everywhere. On the trees, in the countryside and even in our homes.


This is in many ways a refreshing time of year.

  • You can smell the cool crispness in the air.
  • The seasons change and the heat of summer is but a memory.
  • The days are shorter and the nights longer.


We decorate our yards and homes with scarecrows, pumpkins and fall flowers.

Children romp and play in piles of leaves that have to be raked up allover again.

It’s time for football, homecomings, hayrides, bonfires, wiener roasts and of course roasting marshmallows and making smores.

We try to soak in as much time as possible outdoors, before we have to be sheltered from the blasts of winter.


Just as nature changes her appearance, we are in the process of changing ours.

  • Most of us get busy cleaning out our closets and getting ready for a change in temperature.
  • Old summer clothes, pass times and entertainments are put in storage for another year.
  • Warmer clothing, coats and boots are now the prominent items in our closets.
  • Some of use even prepare our homes.  Check the furnace, collect wood for the fireplace, seal any areas where cold can intrude and maybe even protect outside water faucets.


At this time, maybe we need to think about cleaning out the drawers and closets of our lives. Too much stuff is there that is not needful for us to keep.

  • In fact, it’s probably been there far too long, and has become a point of stress.
  • Most of this “stuff” is clutter “we shouldn’t have let collect there to begin with.”
  • Things that we don’t know how to handle, so we just keep it stored in our memory, and it effects our lives.
  • Get rid of it and create space for newer and better things.


We enjoy life more, are more contented, relaxed, and rest better, when the old things we surround ourselves with are thrown away.

  • Clean out worry, disappointment, anger, fearfulness, old wounds, insecurities, disillusionments.
  • These things are a hinderance to the way we talk to ourselves and how we live our lives.
  • All of us carry unnecessary baggage. It weighs us down like a ton of rocks.
  • Life just seems a lot better when we let go and look at the world with different eyes.


As the seasons change, so does our lives change. 

  • Days, weeks, months and years pass; sometimes we wonder how it went by so fast.
  • Children want to finish school.
  • Teens want to be own their own.
  • Couples want to wed, start a family and the cycle begins anew, just as nature goes from one season to another.

That’s what life is: a cycle that is ever changing. 

RIGHT NOW you have the opportunity to go forward to the next season with a different perspective on life, YOUR LIFE.



“God is forever and forever beginning again,

He is forever and forever getting:

New mornings out of old nights,

Fair beginnings out of dismal endings.”



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