Encouragement, Life's Journey

The Stadium

….October 4, 2014

In the town where I grew up there wasn’t a lot to do for entertainment. Mostly what was available for families or dating couples was sporting events or an occasional movie.

  • Our city was a big softball town. Every city park had what would still be considered today awesome baseball parks.
  • They had concessions stands and large concrete bleachers with their own private restrooms. During the summer the city leagues had three games per night in about six different parks.
  • The St. Louis Cardinals had a farm club there and we would sometimes go to see one of their games.
  • In the winter we would go to high school or college basketball games.
  • I even remember going to wresting matches with my Dad and on one occasion seeing Gorgeous George put on “a show.”


Today, we are a people who still go to all sorts venues to be entertained. We have become used to sitting in our “stadium seats” and enjoying the program before us.

  • It could be movies, concerts, all types of ball games, rodeos, etc.
  • Probably most of us now sit in our living rooms or family rooms and have whatever we are interested in watching come to us.
  • Sadly to say, many of our stadium seats are where ever our electronic devices are. In that seat we pass many lost moments alone, enjoying what pleases us.

We are a nation of spectators; we don’t want to get ourselves involved in the game.


Why don’t we want to be on that field? Because it would take too much effort for us to actually participate in the game. It’s so much easier to sit and say; “entertain me.”

Each one of us is so used to this life style that it even effects our spiritual life. We go to church, we sit in a heated or air conditioned auditorium in our comfortable pew and say to the preacher; “I’m here, make me a Christian.”

The truth is that goal can only be accomplished by your personal decision. The message of Christ can be proclaimed, but you have to make the choice. 

  • First, you must see Jesus, who He really is and what He has done for you.  Putting your trust for life in Him is the beginning step you must take.
  • Without that one choice your life or mine is only an exercise in futility.
  • What follows is a life long process of ACTIVE PARTICIPATION on all of our parts to learn what it is to be a Christian.


You cannot just idly sit in your seat and expect someone else to make you into the person you were meant to be.

  • It just doesn’t work that way.  If you don’t apply yourself, you’ll end up where you don’t want to be.
  • In life effort produces results.
  • Spirituality, knowledge, courage, strength of mind or body, relationships all come from rolling our sleeves up and getting to work.


WORK, WORK, WORK…..that’s painful, but it’s the plain truth and if you want to succeed you must first discipline yourself to get the job done.

  • Nothing in this life or the life to come is free. There’s a price to be paid for the end result


Are you going to sit there and watch your life go by or are you going to get up and do something about it?

  • Do you have a purpose, goals or desires?
  • Do you want happiness, contentment, fulfillment?

If so, you have to get out of the stadium and onto the playing field. That’s where you’ll find the game.


“The miracle of the saving of a soul is but a moment.

The making of a saint is the task of a lifetime.”  



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