Encouragement, Life's Journey



….September 22, 2014


It seems like most of my life I have been on a challenging journey.  It’s been one that has not been easy a great deal of the time.

There have been wounds, times of healing, of confusion, of learning, and it seems like a regular companion has been loneliness.

In spite of all that, it seems, I can remember much laughter which has been a healing balm to my soul.


As a young child, I soon made the discovery that it was necessary for me to be older than my actual years. I was born into what today would be called a disfunctional family.

We can give our lives direction with our desires and choices, but we tend to forget that our life was pre-planned in order to fulfill our designed purpose.

We all have a task to complete and our history, if we let it, can be used as a tool to do what we are chosen to accomplish.


Ever since I can remember, I felt that I was on this earth to help people.

  • Most of my life has been filled trying to accomplish my calling.
  • Have I done the best job that could be done all the time?  No
  • Have I at times forgotten my purpose and basically served myself?  Yes
  • Hopefully, I am still pressing forward to pay less attention to me and more attention to others.

That goal is why I am putting these words and in print.


For your sake I desire to be an open page.

There is so much inside me that it must be expressed.  Maybe these words will reach you or someone else who may be helped as they go through their life experiences.


If I may, I need to digress somewhat here to share a few thoughts with my family,  particularly grandchildren.

Dear young ones…you are the joy of my life.  There’s nothing more important for me humanly, than to spend time with you.  You are loved and there is so much in my heart to say to you.

For years I have wanted to write a book to leave something of my life and learning experiences behind for you.

The Lord has been speaking to my heart for a long time to start a blog and share my thoughts.  Maybe these words are your book.


This book would say to you:

  • You are chosen, you are special, you have a great heritage. I am proud of you and who you are becoming.

It would also say:

  • When you fall down, pick yourself up and get back on the road forward.
  • Forget the difficulties and tears; remember the good times and laughter.
  • When you’ve been hurt, don’t build fences of protection around your lives.
  • Instead, break down the walls and reach out to those who wound you.
  • Be an example, be a friend, be honest with yourself and others.
  • Always have a spirit of thankfulness.
  • Forgive, forgive, forgive; because you have been forgiven.
  • “Remember where you came from and REMEMBER WHOSE YOU ARE.”


To those of you who are traveling along with me, these are some of the secrets about life that each one of us needs to put into our belief system.

They make all the difference between a cold heart or a warm heart, between happiness or discontent, between a life of turmoil or a life of contentment.

You must choose how you will accept each and every day. What will your answer for today be?



“Our past life will have missed its aim if it has not revealed God to us.”

F.B. Meyer  – Christ in Isaiah


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