Encouragement, Life's Journey

Our Journey


…..September 17, 2014

Today is day one of something new for me and possibly for you.  Each of us is on our own personal journey and you are invited to join me on mine.

I have been walking this road for quite some time and observed many things on my way.  Sometimes the sky was blue, the beautiful white clouds loomed overhead, and the lovely songs of the birds accompanied me.

Sometimes the road was long, the days were dark, storms were everywhere, and the music was gone.  Still there was no other choice but to keep walking on.

Once on this road of life there is no turning back.  I have a destination to reach.  We all are traveling on a daily basis toward our destination.  What will yours be?

For me this road that we have joined together on this day has been a learning experience.  As we accompany each other and I share the stories of the places I have been, the things which were witnessed, the lessons which have been taught; you will find at times that this is a deeply emotional journey.

You must understand and accept that I have gone further down this road.   Many things have been seen and experienced that must be told.

It is my hope to make this trip again as you follow this pathway and to encourage you when you make a decision to diverge from it.  There is only one road.  It is not an easy road, but you must choose it and stay on it.

Once you have started you will find a trail left by those who have gone on before you.  They would also say that no matter what obstacles you encounter, you can make it to the end.

In my lifetime I have climbed to the highest mountain peaks and ascended down again into the valley.  There have been the storms at sea, the riverbanks have overflowed and there have been times of drought.

I have passed through the verdant woodlands and expansive fields of flowers, but also experienced the hot, stinging dryness of the desert.  This has been the road that you may accompany me on if you desire.

Your journey is in your hands.  The decisions are yours and yours only to make.   Maybe, along the way you can be directed, encouraged or even possibly warned before it is too late.

At times the path will be difficult, the trip rough, but as we trudge through these times; we will always be looking for the blue sky and the beauties that surround us.

It’s all a matter of perspective.  Join with me on **“this road less traveled by” and see if it doesn’t make all the difference.

“It’s not what the world holds for you, It’s what you bring to it.”    


**Robert Frost – Mountain Interval 1920


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